Mount of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church

"...Hitherto hath the Lord helped us."
~ 1 Samuel 7: 12 (KJV)

Youth Ministry

The mandate of the Mount of Praise Youth is to glorify God through evangelizing, nurturing, and equipping youth to be spiritual leaders committed to lifelong service to Christ and His church. This characterized by an effective organization of youth committed to active sharing of their faith, personal and collective study of God’s Word, edifying the body of Christ through the use of spiritual gifts, positive Christian fellowship, and service to their family, church, community and the world.

The theme for the year 2004-2005 is “In One Accord – Then the Fire”. The youth ministry meets every Friday evening at 7:30p.m.

The aims and objectives of the Department are outlined below:
  1. To work with parents of Youth members to form and build relationships.
  2. To work with the other youth arms in MOP.
  3. To have a greater presence at the zonal & district level.
  4. To work with Youth Departments at other churches in our District.
  5. To see the lives of our young people transformed.
  6. To encourage our young people to use their talents for the glory of God.
  7. To implement a stronger teaching of the word in the department.
  8. To raise the standard of worship at our Youth Services.
  9. To co-ordinate a Mentorship program involving the adult women and men in our church.
 From the         Pastor's Desk