Mount of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church

"...Hitherto hath the Lord helped us."
~ 1 Samuel 7: 12 (KJV)

Hospitality Ministry

The purpose of the Hospitality Team is to provide through a gracious atmosphere, an opportunity for our members and visitors to have relaxed yet serious fellowship with the Holy Trinity while attending our services.

Primarily, Hospitality Teams free the Pastor of the responsibility of having to greet the guests as they arrive, so that he is able to be wrapped up in Jesus and the word and flowing in the Spirit. As our Pastors are able to seriously minister to persons, the body is most edified.

Another purpose is to raise up responsible individuals who are trained in serving. Both experience and confidence will be gained through the area of service. We also expect to see management and leadership skills developed in those involved, which can then be applied in other areas and in their daily lives.

One of our primary goals at Mount of Praise is to see servantsí hearts developed in those working on the Hospitality teams. The development of interpersonal relationships among those serving together is also of primary importance. We desire to see each person develop an attitude of support and service toward others on the team.

A strong spiritual purpose is also accomplished through hospitality meals. When given natural responsibilities, many Christ-like characteristics are tested. Those who prove strong may be given additional responsibility. Often, problems occur and weaknesses surface. Through the ministry of the leadership, we seek to help correct the problems and strengthen the weak areas that we all might go unto perfection in God.

 From the         Pastor's Desk