The Barbados Community College (BCC) was established by an Act of Parliament (The Barbados
Community College Act, 1968-23).  This Act was amended in 1990 to empower the College
to grant degrees, certificates, diplomas, associate degrees and other awards to persons who successfully
complete a course of study approved by the Board of Management.

Mission Statement:
The Barbados Community College is a dynamic centre of learning which exists to meet the changing education,
training and development needs of the societies that it serves, by providing a range of courses and programmes
of study in a learning environment conducive to the intellectual, physical and social development of students and
staff, so that they can make a meaningful contribution to their country, region and the wider world community.

Minimum entry requirements: Four subjects at CXC General Proficiency Grades I, II, and
(from June 1998 only) III or an equivalent qualification including English Language.  Some programmes have
specific requirements.  Notwithstanding these requirements, a person who has reached his/her twenty-fifth
birthday may be admitted as a Mature Student.  He or she may be required to take pre-programmes, write a
placement test, or attend an interview to determine admission eligibility.

MOTTO: Many Studies: One Brotherhood